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The National Anthem at Bloomington Summer Fete

Our Mission is to Cultivate an Enduring and Remarkable Community where people want to be

"The mission statement that anchors Bloomington's new five year strategic plan is as aspirational and inspirational as the community it represents. Whether it's through our outstanding park system, high-quality city services, or public art I'm working hard to ensure that Bloomington is a place where everyone is welcome, and is a place where people want to be."
City Amenities

Our parks, recreational facilities, city events, and celebrations all combine to make Bloomington a community where people want to be. And it's been fun to watch the evolution of those amenities in recent years. From enhanced trails, to new pickleball courts, to Pride and Juneteenth celebrations, Bloomington city amenities reflect the changing desires and priorities of our residents. As Bloomington continues to grow and evolve, it's important that we continue to invest in our community amenities and tailor them to our changing community.

Welcoming Everyone

One of the Core Values identified in the Bloomington. Tomorrow. Together. Strategic Plan is that when diversity is embraced, the community is strengthened. I couldn't agree more. I'm proud of the work done by our Office of Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, our Racial Equity Action Teams, our Human Rights Commission, and our office of Community Outreach and Development. As Mayor, I'm fully committed to ensuring that Bloomington is a welcoming city to everyone.

Keeping the Community Safe

The safety and security of residents, workers, and visitors is one of the foundational responsibilities of any city. That's why Bloomington has added police officers for the first time in a decade and is making the transition to a hybrid full-time and paid on call Fire Department. Our public safety professionals do outstanding work and the security they offer plays an important part of making Bloomington a community where people want to be.

A Place to Call Home

Each decade, the Metropolitan Council sets affordable housing goals for cities across the Twin Cities. Bloomington is currently at 86 percent of its 2030 affordable housing goals. That's housing for our first year teachers; workers in our hospitality industry; and employees in our growing technology industries. No matter who you are, decent, affordable housing provides a solid foundation for a person's success and well-being in life. That's why Bloomington has been working hard to make Bloomington a place where people can afford to live. Through our Opportunity Housing Ordinance and affordable housing trust fund, Bloomington works with developers to provide housing that people can afford.

A Strong Business Community

Bloomington has long been an economic driver in the Twin Cities and that trend will only continue to increase in the coming years. Our hospitality industry has bounced back impressively since the end of the pandemic, and we're seeing an exciting emergence of high-tech manufacturing companies throughout the city. A restructuring of the Bloomington Port Authority to create a city-wide emphasis, the new Small Business Development Center, and the Workforce Development Task Force will help business in Bloomington to continue to thrive.

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