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The Busse Family: Nolan, Heather, Tim and Elise

Mayor Tim Busse speaking to a crowd

Meet Tim 

"It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as Mayor of the City of Bloomington for the past four years. I've attended hundreds of community events, met countless residents who love the city they live in and have a passion to make it even better, and have proudly represented Bloomington on a local, national, and international stage. I can't wait to continue the good work for All of Bloomington."
We're on the right track and Bloomington residents like where the City is going

Our latest community survey shows that 90 percent of residents rate Bloomington as an excellent or good place to live, and 86 percent give the same response to the question of overall quality of life. In Bloomington, we invest in the priorities of the community like public safety, our parks, and keeping our streets plowed and in good shape. We're on the right track, and we're going to continue our work.

Effective, proven leadership matters

Just two years ago the City of Bloomington and the entire world faced a unimaginable crisis. There was no instruction manual on how to deal with the public safety and economic issues around worldwide pandemic. But through steady leadership, reasoned decision making, and a willingness to make tough decisions, Bloomington persevered.

Similarly, the national racial reckoning after the murder of George Floyd shook many cities to their core. Bloomington unflinchingly faced the moment with empathy and a determination to learn and grow, and emerged as a leader in the Twin Cities.  

I understand that what is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right. I have always been willing to make difficult decisions that are in the best interest of the entire city of Bloomington.

We're working to cultivate an enduring and remarkable community where people want to be

The mission statement of our Bloomington. Tomorrow. Together. Strategic Plan is both inspirational and aspirational. It's exciting to work on projects and priorities and initiatives with the ultimate goal of making Bloomington a place where people want to live, work, shop, play, or just hang out and enjoy.

There is still work to be done!

Bloomington has so many exciting initiatives in the pipeline! Here's my to-do list (trust me, it's a partial list) of the work I want to move forward over the next four years and make Bloomington a place where people want to be!

  • Successfully launch the new Small Business Development Center

  • See our Park System Master Plan come to life

  • Continue to work to create a full-time Bloomington Fire Department

  • Expand Creative Placemaking across the entire city

  • Push forward with the Mayor's Workforce Development Committee's goal of creating 12,000 new jobs in Bloomington by 2027

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