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The Old Cedar Avenue Bridge

Priorities for the Future of Bloomington

"The state of our city is strong, and the future of Bloomington is bright. My confidence and inspiration comes from the first two core values listed in our Bloomington. Tomorrow. Together. Strategic Plan:
- The community thrives when its members share responsibility for its well-being.
- Transformation will come through collective courage and the willingness to take risks.
I hope you'll join me as we work to make Bloomington thrive collectively and courageously ."

Here in Bloomington, we have good roads, safe neighborhoods, top-notch police and fire, and the best drinking water in America. Residents and businesses expect - and will continue to receive - those outstanding services. And staff-driven service improvement efforts show that that level of excellence is never taken for granted.


As a local elected official, no job is more important to me than being a careful, thoughtful steward of Bloomington tax dollars. I take seriously the responsibility of reviewing and prioritizing all property-tax supported City services each year and I firmly believe that dollar for dollar, Bloomington City Services are an outstanding value for residents. About 70 percent of city expenditures go to critical services like public safety and infrastructure - spending that reflects the goals and priorities of residents. I'm a firm believer that any discussion on city spending must also include a thoughtful discussion of community needs and priorities.


The challenges of climate change are undeniable and urgent. The City of Bloomington, through its outstanding Sustainability Commission, will continue to work toward policies and practices that transform Bloomington into a resilient and sustainable community that benefits residents by reducing energy costs, improving quality of service, reducing waste, providing better urban environments, and creating economic opportunities.


Bloomington Civic Plaza has never been more connected to the residents it serves, and residents have never been more engaged in the work and policy of the City. From the award winning Bloomington Briefing, to the Council Minute, to an unprecedented amount of information available online, Bloomington is a leader in connecting, engaging, and informing residents. 


Bloomington has never been shy about being a leader. From it's earliest days, the  City has taken measured, calculated risks and has been on the cutting edge of innovative municipal government. Being the United States designee for the World Expo is only the latest example of the city taking the lead on innovative, bold, and creative ideas that move Bloomington forward. Continuing to seek out and take a crack at innovative, creative, and bold ideas - even if they sometimes fail - will make Bloomington stronger now and in the future.

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