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Mayor Tim Busse speaking

Tim Busse

Mayor 2023

A successful Mayoral campaign is a Team Sport and there are many different ways you can help.  From door knocking, to literature drops, to hosting get-to-know-you gatherings in your home, any offer to help will be met with gratitude.


Be sure to follow the Tim Busse for Mayor Facebook Page and never hesitate to contact me at with any comments, ideas or issues.


Nothing makes a campaign pop like a bunch of Busse for Bloomington signs in yards across the City. Let us know where you are and we'll plant a sign in your yard tomorrow!


Be sure to follow the Tim Busse for Mayor Facebook Page and never hesitate to contact me at with any comments, ideas or issues .

October 30, 2023

Our FaceBook videos are getting a great response and people have asked to be able to view them all in one place. So here they are including the latest from last Saturday's Gopher Football Tailgate!

October 18, 2023

I'm proud to have the support of Governor Tim Walz. Governor Walz has been a champion of Bloomington at the state, national, and international levels and his leadership has elevated Bloomington's profile on a global stage. 

The Governor was in town last week for a Busse for Bloomington event and spoke about the importance and benefits of strong local/state relationships. I'm thankful for Bloomington's solid, productive relationship with the Governor's office, and I appreciate his friendship.

walz in front of sign.jpg

September 23, 2023

Early Voting is underway! You can cast your ballot at Bloomington Civic Plaza Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visit the Voting Information page on the City of Bloomington website for complete information on early voting, the Bloomington Forward referendum, to see a sample ballot, and more.

Minnesota's commitment to removing barriers and making voting easier and accessible to everyone is why Minnesota routinely ranks at the top of the list of voter participation in the United States. Vote early; Vote through a mail ballot; Vote on November 7. Just please be sure to Vote!


August 21, 2023

I’m proud to receive the endorsement of the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation. I grew up in a union family - my dad was a self-employed electrician and a long-time member of IBEW 292. I still have the magnet that was on the side of his gray Ford work van. (Don't bother calling the number. I can guarantee Busse Electric won't answer).

I understand fully how his career and our family were impacted by and benefited from his union affiliation. I know that a decent wage, safe working conditions, and solid health care and retirement plans improve the lives of working families in Bloomington and in every community.

Thank You to the Regional Labor Federation for your support!

August 1, 2023

I officially filed for re-election today, and as you can tell from the video I'm more than a little fired up to continue to serve the people of this great city! I'm ready to dig in and do the work to ensure the great progress we've made here in Bloomington continues.

And I'm hoping you'll join me! A campaign is a Team Sport and I'd love to have you join the team by hosting a lawn sign, volunteering, or donating to the campaign. Get involved!

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