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  • Tim Busse

Getting moving on transit and transportation

Orange Line Advocates: Tim, Mayor Gene Winstead, and State Reps Steve Elkins and Andrew Carlson

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with some big transit and transportation projects. I was a member of the Executive Team at the University of Minnesota that worked on the planning, development, and operation of the Green Line Light Rail Transit Line. I served for five years on the Riverview Corridor Policy Advisory Committee – a project that could someday connect the Mall of America and downtown St. Paul via modern streetcar. And during my time on the City Council I’ve worked on transportation issues as a member of local organizations including the 35W Solutions Alliance, the 494 Corridor Commission, and the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce.

After years of working closely with our partners and spending countless hours lobbying, educating, and cajoling, Bloomington is seeing major federal and state investments in transportation and transit projects. The Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit line, the remake of 35W and 494, the improvements at the Mall of America Transit Station, and the recently completed onramp from East Bush Lake Road to 494 westbound will all help improve mobility and access in Bloomington. We still have work to do on big projects like improving east-west connections in the city, and on smaller projects like slowing down traffic on local streets. But I’ve learned that success on any transit and transportation project is a Team Effort, and it comes from playing the long game. It is also the result of effective and proven leadership, a top-notch city staff, engaged residents, and strong connections with local, state, and federal partners.

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