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  • Tim Busse

The Bloomington Briefing is top notch. Read it.

Last year, the City Council heard feedback that the Bloomington Briefing was the most valued and trusted source of city-related news and information for residents. So the Council directed the resources needed to make the Briefing a monthly publication and asked staff to make an already excellent publication even better with expanded content, timely details, and great visuals. Boy have they delivered.

The June 2019 Bloomington Briefing is literally packed with information about City of Bloomington events, activities, and services. From info on eco-friendly turf and Police body-worn cameras, to the City’s annual Corporate Report, to the 2019 Water Quality Report the June issue is an important publication that every resident should take the time to read.

Bonus: Each issue costs 27 cents to print and mail! I can’t think of a better bargain.

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